Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Schedule

Saturday July 19th, 2008

0300- Wake up
0315- Begin meditation
0339- Finish meditation
0340- Get going to the Kerr Hall Arete
0415- Hopefully get off the building
0430- Get on a bike, headed for Painted Cave (the pictograph cave, not the boulder crag)
0630- Return to campus
0645- Jump in the bitchass cold ocean
0709- Get the hell out of the gaddamn cold ass water and warm up
0730- Head for the hills
0800-? Boulder.
2000- Gather some friends, some beef, some beer, and start celebrating.
2100- Crack that second bottle of Double Bastard
2200-ish- Build a big fuckin’ fire and enjoy it.

Throughout: do nice things and pick up garbage.

This is a rough draft and subject to change. And let's hope for good weather!

1 comment:

nadine said...

Hey Spenser,

Sounds like a very ambitious day. Hope you have fun with what you accomplish. How about 24 boulder problems, or sets of 24?

Let me know how it goes.