Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Commitment

Today, Thursday June 19th, is the day I officially decided on my set of challenges, signed up for a Blogspot blog, and began inviting people. One month from today will hopefully see the goals met. Who knows?

This is good though. I have always loved the concept of a birthday challenge since I began climbing in 2004. For those who have bouldered in Santa Barbara, it was the ad in the back of Ocean's 11 that directed me to I attempted challenges for my 21st and 22nd birthday, both of which were ill-conceived and lacked sorely for planning. As such, they were neither completed nor attended. Not to say I didn't have great days, running myself silly and blurring my vision simultaneously. Birthdays always surround me with a sense of levity and well-being. But this time around, I'm putting the word out; I'm planning; I'm training; I'm stoked.

This is scary though. It's a doable challenge, but it hinges on planning more than any other single factor for its completion, a trait that I must have been born without. This, then, is an exercise in commitment: to put together the logistics of an unorthodox birthday celebration, to find spotters and boulder-beta givers, to find willing hosts and companion athletes, to training, to find eaters and drinkers. If I can complete my challenge the satisfaction will come as much from the fulfillment of a plan as it will the physical exertion and beer/beef meal afterward.

Primarily, though, the most important objective of this plan is to have an epic day enjoying bits of everything Santa Barbara has to offer. I shall climb in the mountains, bike in the foothills, swim in the ocean, builder at my alma mater, and hang out with some of the coolest people the world has ever seen.

This is what I'm thinking now, T minus thirty days. Regular updates will follow, regarding training, planning (holy shit!), and most importantly, a rough itinerary of D-Day. Check back on an accordingly regular basis.

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nadine said...

Nothing like an ambitious project. Good luck and let us know how it goes.