Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Challenge

I miss Santa Barbara.  What better time to visit than the sunny, beautiful, laid-back summer...during my birthday?

In the spirit of turning two dozen, and in the style of so many before me from the Santa Barbara community and elsewhere, I cordially invite everyone I know to help me get through what promises to be an epic day of all flavors of the rainbow of awesome.  Here's the menu:

- 240 boulder problems
- Ascend the Kerr Hall Arete 
- Bicycle 24 miles, including 2400 feet of elevation gain
- 24 minute ocean swim
- 24 minutes of solo meditation
- Drink 2.4 Double Bastards
- Perform 24 random acts of kindness
- Feed beef and beer to 24 people
- Collect 24 pounds of trash
- Have a 24 foot diameter bonfire

I have a rough idea of how the day might go, but I most definitely need some volunteers.  Primarily, I'll need some of the help that Micah Elconin got in his epic challenge (, in terms of finding 240 boulder problems in the Santa Barbara hills.  I should state that Micah is one of the main inspirations for me in this challenge, and I pay tribute to his accomplishments by plagiarizing a few of the challenges on my list from his.  I'll also need help picking up trash, nabbing a guerrilla ascent of the Kerr Hall Arete, and eating and drinking.  The more the merrier.

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